Bare's i-Scream

It was a really hot summer and Bare had taken a holiday in Houston Early that year to see his friends Tyler and Frank. They were a great couple, who had lived together for 30 years.  With Bare they all had such fun together, including a great evening of cabaret at Michaels Outpost, a piano bar for those with a penchant for a show tune!  Tyler is vegan and Frank doesn’t do gluten or dairy.  They were all chatting on the patio during breakfast the next day. In a bit of sarcastic witty banter, Tyler said how much he missed ice cream now he’s strict vegan. So Bare set about creating not one but three great 'i-Scream' combos, you would never know there wasn’t a cow involved!


Bare’s Chocolate i-Scream with chocolate cookies and chocolate sauce

Bare said I can do this - I am going to make a super creamy, totally dreamy-tasting vegan, super chocolatey ice cream and with cookies!  So he did just that and after a lot of work, research on how to make it creamy and decadent, Bare’s Chocolate i-Scream with chocolate cookies and chocolate sauce was born.  Tyler was over the moon! He said he was in heaven when he delved into the tub.  Frank, Tyler and Bare all shared a monster tub of the stuff.  Tyler said I almost feel good about eating a litre of i-Scream. Frank said well you are nearly dead anyway so you might as well enjoy your food whilst you can”.  They all laughed: They did enjoy caustic banter.

The following summer they wanted to visit Bare and take a trip round the UK.  Bare was prepared - the cupboards were packed, even Bare’s little freezer held some surprises and they went off in Bares’ own VW Camper.  Tyler and Frank were horrified when they saw the vehicle that Bare picked them up in from Heathrow.  They were clearly expecting some massive Winnebago.  Bare said not for this trip - we are going on country roads and lanes we wouldn’t manage in a Winnebago.  Don’t worry Bare said, we aren’t sleeping in the van we have friends to visit along the way - you are going to love it, sit back and relax. 


Bare hit play on his sound system and it was show tunes a plenty for first stop Windsor...

Bare in Houston

Bare's Strawberry i-Scream with strawberry compote and shortbread biscuits

It was early afternoon by the time they were on the road. Tyler and Frank were getting very excited on the M4 as they saw Windsor Castle in the distance.  It was a beautiful clear day and they were singing show tunes at the top of their lungs.  Bare said we can have a walk round Windsor and perhaps have a glass of something nice at a lovely champagne bar in the town. 


Bare had prepared a picnic for them.  As they parked up Bare snatched a tub from the mini freezer in the van and off they went.  After a lovely walk they laid out a big blanket, sat down and all enjoyed the spoils of Bare's hamper.  Bare said "I have a surprise - I have made you another i-Scream and this one is strawberry with strawberry compote and shortbread biscuits".  It was delicious.

Bare in Windsor

Bare's salted caramel i-Scream with butterscotch pieces and toffee sauce

Later in Bare, Tyler, and Frank's travels, they wanted to visit the lake district and were due to stay with a couple that Frank and Tyler knew from the US who had settled there. They were artists called Belinda and Betty with a whole family of cats. They had all been friends for years and welcomed Bare like an old friend to their cosy home. 


They had a lovely walk around the town and looked in admiration at the Cartmel village shop home of the original Cartmel sticky toffee pudding, but none of them could eat it.  Bare said he had a surprise for them all later. Belinda and Betty said they had a surprise for him too!  When they got back it was late afternoon and Bare popped out to his camper and pulled out 5 little tubs.  In the tubs were Bares salted caramel i-Scream with butterscotch pieces and toffee sauce - in homage to Cartmel and our visit here.  They absolutely loved it.  With that Belinda and Betty presented Bare with a macramé tote bag.  Bare smiled, and said thank you.  Bare said "perfect for picnics" - they all laughed…

Bare in Cartmel

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