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About Bare

Welcome to my website

Here you will find some of my latest offerings for the discerning free-from foodie. All the taste without the nasties and leaving aside that pesky gluten.


We like good plant-based food and want to try and persuade some of our hardened carnivores to give plants a whirl from time to time, we think we will surprise you!


Bon Voyage,

Bare x

Get to
know Bare

Bare is a worldwide traveller, a chef, a social sponge for the flavoursome and tasty.   Bare creates foods and snacks that all his friends are able to enjoy products, which also just happen to be gluten-free and free-from.

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About Me

It's fair to say my work and much of my social life seems to be around food. From a young cub, being around my family and friends for dinners and celebrations food was always the central theme. If you have read some of my tales you'll know I like to party and what makes life for me so enjoyable is that combination of food with my friends.


When I am away from my den I like to take snacks with me as with my allergy to gluten it can get difficult to find suitable grazing. Grandma Bare taught me to cook she was a great chef and inspired me to choose my food explorer life.



My stats

NAME - Bare


AGE - Old enough thank

you for asking!


STAR SIGN - Aquarius


EATING HABITS - Flexitarian


STYLE - Casual, but loves
to dress up


ALLERGIES - Gluten and nuts


FAVOURITE DESTINATION - My den at home after so much travelling


FAVOURITE FOOD - Difficult one... I love our Mac Cheese & BBQ short rib - just can't get enough!

Bare Food is designed for however you want to eat.

Bears are the original flexitarian, which we have taken as our inspiration. They enjoy a plant-based diet much of the time and true carnivores when they can be!


All our food follows our philosophy of free-from but you wouldn’t know it - we just want it to be delicious.


All our food is gluten and nut-free as a standard. Even the most hardened carnivore might be persuaded to try our delicious plant-based dishes.  No nasties or weird e-numbers in sight...

"Bare Food is truly an inclusive brand designed for the retail and travel industry"

Download our brochure...

Totally Bare 2021 Brochure
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